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my new nickname

2014-11-09 22:58:19 by maxxster

my new nickname, everyone, is "smokes mccloud"

Pi day programs!

2014-03-16 15:55:47 by maxxster

made some very simple programs in celebration of Pi Day, despite it being a little after march 14th. Happy Pi Day!

herest he link to download



days go by fast

2013-10-21 20:59:39 by maxxster

it seems as though the days go by rather quickly. i drink coffee all day long and merely wait for the day to end as i hurry through my work. perhaps a change in routine is what i seek? or perhaps i simply need to see all the good that happens throughout the day. my days arent too bad i suppose, as long as i have my coffee

days go by fast

plato and aristotle

2012-12-04 23:47:09 by maxxster

As I have received a multitude of negative comments I would like to clarify that this piece is simply two pictures combined with some editing of colour. All this was is an artists representation of the great men that Plato and Aristotle were. To those who actually think I tried to claim this as my own it is obvious that I used an already famous picture. This is exactly why I put it on my page and didn't try to submit it as art. I am definitely not as ignorant as some of you negative folk think I am.

plato and aristotle

addicting game

2012-08-16 19:19:55 by maxxster

achievement unlocked 2, is a very addicting game 0.o

happy clockday

2012-08-14 19:40:22 by maxxster

happy clockday everyone


2012-07-15 02:04:37 by maxxster

it is ironic, how there are rules as to using the internet, yet at the same time people can easily ignore, break, and/or get around those rules at their own will.
sort of defeats the purpous of having rules... dont enforce them if they dont work.

robot day

2012-07-10 23:04:18 by maxxster

happy robot day everybody

meh art

2012-07-07 08:42:29 by maxxster

so i submitted 2 new art illustrations. now, you can view them in the art section of my profile, however they appear as a blank grey picture and a blank white picture. be aware that they arent blank pictures, you just have to view them in full to see them. i dont know if it is because they havent been viewed by a mod yet or what, but in any event dont think that im posting blank pages as picture. check out meh art and tell me what u think :D

googled my ng name

2012-07-05 20:52:52 by maxxster

so, i wanted to see just how powerful google is. i searched my newgrounds name -maxxster. i figured there has to be thousands of pages out on the web with the word maxxster on it. sure as shit google knew what i was looking for. the 3rd result in the list of pages was my newgrounds URL. haha well done google, you are pretty powerful