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damn man loved this. first off i love the animation. but more importantly you captured the exact words and thoughts that i would say and think when staying up for days on amphetamines. why is no one up its only 430. shit i hope i dont get mugged. shit i hope i look normal. not saying doing drugs is a good thing but its a real world fact that some people abuse them and this animation captured quite accurately what goes on in someones head when on certain drugs, particularly amphetamines when someone stays up for days on them. well done sir work of art i must say.

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haha this was very funny. i really hope to see a second ghost squad!

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nice, i enjoyed it

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woohoo all time high score of 23 currently! see if you can beat me lol im only at the top by one point so im sure someone will soon. fun game though i love memory based games, and the fact that its adult themed makes it a little more fun too lol.

well the retro arcade game design is what initially drew me to it to try it out. first couple times i played i really was upset with it because i kept losing lol but i got a hang of the controls pretty quickly after and i must say it was pretty addicting to play. looking forward to the full game coming out! p.s. nice job man

UltimoGames responds:

thanks a lot maxxster!

wow this is amazing. i cant even imagine the amount of effort that went into making this. i wish the rating could go above five stars because i would easily rate this one of the best, most interesting, intricate games i have played on newgrounds. its just like playing 2d minecraft. job well done this game blew my mind

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Zanzlanz responds:

Woah dude thank you so much! That was an incredibly nice review. To me, your words definitely counted for way more than 5 stars hahaha!
And yeahh I'm actually still working on the game, so that means I spent almost 7 years updating it. So I really appreciate that you see the work put into it! :D
Thanks again maxxster!

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hell yeah man, gotta love hendrix. nobody will ever amount to him. i very much appreciate you posting these covers man, they are amazing

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gamejunkie responds:

Thank heaps maxxster. When I saw your BBS post I figured you might appreciate them. Thanks for the cool review and nice score. Much appreciated.

Cheers gamejunkie.

not bad dude. im used to a little faster paced dub step, but i really grooved on it. keep making sound man, people will always appreciate it

So awesome and spacey sounding. Pure awesome :)

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i really like all of your pieces of art. i am instantly drawn to them. very nice style indeed

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i like this piece... a lot.

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i love it

ive come a long way in life since i joined this site when i was 13. long story short i battled severe addiction to heroin, methamphetamine, and alcohol for almost 4 years and i am now in recovery. newgrounds is where i come to play games and relax.

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